DCCD Subaru Controller

DCCD controller – control system for The Driver’s Control Centre Differential (DCCD) for Subaru allows the centre differential locking.

DCCD контроллер Subaru

DCCD controller Subaru


  1. Controller
  2. Cables for connecting included potentiometer and button
  3. Software
  4. LED strip or display (option)
  5. External accelerometer (option)
  6. CAN controller for the steering sensor (option).

It can be installed on any Subaru body!

Дисплей DCCD controller Subaru

A display for DCCD controller

 DCCD controller Subaru full set.


Светодиодная линейка

A LED strip for DCCD controller.

The advantages of our controller over similar devices::

  • Tech support
  • Fully customizable controller – 3 independent auto modes +2 manual mode
  • It does not require additional factory sensors/blocks
  • Logger – All operating data can be recorded during operation, to look in a computer program, etc.
  • The algorithm of the difference rotation axes front/rear, in addition to the algorithm of g-sensor, working with different types of sensors ABS
  • The algorithm for the steering position sensor
  • Generating speed signal from the signal sensor ABS – When replacing the transmission with a speed sensor on the transmission sensorless
  • Also, when buying G-sensor function for dynamometer in present!

Prices and equipment:

  • Basic version -Indication: LED line/standard dashboard; two operating modes 249.99 $
  •  + Acceleration sensor, which allows the use of an algorithm to the longitudinal/lateral acceleration +49.99$
  •  + Display for showing of operating modes, diagnosis, management of all 5 modes. Available red/green/yellow color +49.99$
  •  + The function of determining the position of steering by CAN bus, it is compatible with the form factor sensors G11 and GH bodies – the algorithm is available for the steering angle (cars may not have their CAN bus – does not matter) +49.99$
  • By request: Only the controller and simple cables for generate the speed signal

e-mail: dccd@320hp.com

An example of using of the controller in an actual situation. Thanks to Starostin brothers racing team zluka StaroSTIn for the excellent video, We wish you new victories!

Good Luck!

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Enjoy the shopping! 🙂

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